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The Decree of 12 July 2017 mentions the Digital Agency as the operator of the open data platform common to the Walloon region and the Wallonia-Brussels federation.
Via the specialized service provider "Open Data Soft", contracted following a call for tenders, the Digital Agency proposes a website with open data made available by the regional public services and the French community.
The Digital Agency undertakes to technically manage the website "ODWB-Open Data Wallonia-Brussels" and to ensure maximum availability, subject to cases of force majeure related to subcontracting via provider (these elements of maximum availability have been elements of selection of the offer).
Unless otherwise stated, the information you find on the website "ODWB" can be used free of charge. Where prior permission is required for the use or reproduction of certain information, the restrictions on use will be explicitly stated. The Agence du Numérique retains all intellectual property rights to the ODWB website on behalf of its principals.
The "ODWB" website contains links to data from authorities, bodies and organisations over which the Digital Agency has no technical or content control. The data is made available to you via the "ODWB" website by the relevant government agencies and public institutions. The Digital Agency cannot therefore offer any guarantee as to the completeness or accuracy of the content or as to the availability of this data. Any intellectual property rights relating to these data belong to the authorities concerned.
If you notice any errors in the data made available via the website, or if you have any questions about the data, you can contact the relevant government department. If you do not know which service it is, you can contact the Agence du Numérique as the technical manager of the website (via the dedicated Contact page). In this case, the Agence du Numérique will refer you to the appropriate public service as soon as possible and within the means at its disposal to do so.
The public services and institutions that make data available via the "ODWB" website make great efforts to ensure that the data in question is complete, correct, exhaustive and up-to-date. Despite these efforts, errors may occur in the data made available to you. If the data made available via the "ODWB" website contain errors or if certain data are unavailable via the website, the government departments and institutions will make every effort to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.
The Digital Agency and the other public services and institutions accept no liability for direct or indirect damage arising from the consultation or use of the data.
Each public service or public institution personally determines the conditions of access to the data and the conditions of use of the data (through the selection of an appropriate license when uploading a dataset). The user is deemed to be aware of and agree to these terms of use. For each dataset, utilities and public institutions may ask you to sign a license agreement. The recommended license agreements (pending formalization in legal text) can be consulted via the "ODWB" website. The existence of a license agreement may prevent you from gaining immediate access to the desired data.
The ODWB website will provide a section for you to send questions, ideas or suggestions to the Digital Agency (via the Contact form). The Digital Agency reserves the right to publish or use interesting information received in this way. Ideas and suggestions will be forwarded to the relevant authorities if necessary. We do not guarantee that all ideas or suggestions will lead to an adaptation of the service.